We Act as your professional

task force]

Successfull with

corporate integrity

Leading with integrity and being prepared enables you to keep your actionability.

Corporate Governance, Strategic Risk Management and Business Driven Compliance are the key factors for successful leadership and crisis management.

Facing the storm Of

corporate incidents

You immediately need a professional task force to sucessfully manage corporate crises like

economic-crime, white-collar and cyber crime, fraudulent behaviour, harassment, and non-compliance.

To protect your


We are the crisis-proven experts for highly confidential, discreet complex incidents and preventional measurements focusing on

protecting assets, safeguarding actionability and securing the reputation of our clients – the aggrieved parties.

By Safeguarding and Empowering


For almost three decades clients trust our professional experience, process, and determination to prepare and safely navigate them through stormy seas. Our clients are exposed organizations and individuals.

building trust

We only work on recommendation