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Client-orientation & Facts

What we strive for

We are one of the leading global active boutiques and trusted address in strategically supporting exposed organizations and their responsible when it comes to fraud & non-compliance.

Specialised in preventing and investigating Economic-Crime, Non-Compliance and Fraud by focusing on safeguarding the actionability and reputation of aggrieved parties.

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching

C.S. Lewis

Selection the key drivers

our values - Integrity matters

One of our key values is integrity as the foundation of trustful relationships.
The area and clientele we serve are too sensitive as lacking integrity, humanity and discretion could be accepted.


Professional Integrity

The very high maturity level of integrity – our key value combined with the profound professional experience gathered over the last three decades allows us to serve you at the highest standard of professionalism.



No matter in what kind of role our clients, partners and peers are in – they are all individuals acting to their best knowledge and that is what we value.

The human factor plays a key role in protecting assets.



Becoming a victim of fraudulent behaviour or reaching out for support regarding any topic of Governance, Risk, Compliance and especially Integrity – is still taboo.

For us, it is daily business.

Where we come from

Since 1992

The passion to professionally protect initially started in 1992 with a significant case of non-compliance. Since then, we are on our mission.

Based in Switzerland, Structuul Ltd. is an owner-led company with an international scope and client base.

We support individuals and organizations in answering sensitive questions in the areas of governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

We specialize in prevention, detection and response to crisis and fraudulent actions in organizations and the comprehensive support of those affected.

How we see ourselves

Acting as partner

Strategic Decisions & Communication

The process of a successful strategic decision is about facts, figures and risks, but also includes professional communication. Especially at times of real crisis.

Complex environment

Corporate Integrity, Governance, Finance, Risk and Compliance are complex areas requiring interplay between specialized technical knowledge and experience.

sensitive business situation

All our clients (organizations and individuals) face sensitive business situation in which they appreciate indepedant expertise.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Strategic Incident, Investigation and Crisis Management as well as preventional structures and tools are our specializations.

Skin in the game

Meet The Experts

We are the crisis-proven experts for highly confidential, discreet complex incidents and preventional measurements focusing on protecting assets, safeguarding actionability and securing the reputation of our clients – the aggrieved parties.

Depending on your situation we match the best of our skills to your actual situation to support you and your team.

Sonja Stirnimann

CEO, Founder
Swiss Certified Accountant
Licensed Audit Expert
International Executive MBA in Financial Services & Insurance
Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
Business Mediator SCCM
Executive Coach CTI, CPCC

"Sonja founded the company with the mission of supporting the client in delicate situations - that's what she strives for!"

You and your team

There is no team without the client
Integrating you and your team depending on the specific situation saves you time and costs. We are used, trained and love to lead interdisciplinary teams.

The combination of your team, our interdisciplinary expertise and our focus on people makes us unique on the global market. To your advantage.

More experts

We all want the same:

matching our skills with your actual situation. Not more but also not less.
Our team and network of experts has experience in the areas of

consulting, auditing, fraud, criminal proceedings, special audits, internal control systems, mergers and acquisitions, IT forensics, open source intelligence, IT security management and additional specialist disciplines.

We complement your team when additional specialists are required.

Constantly expanding


The competence of our globally active and interdisciplinary team of experts is based on decades of experience in the following areas:

Constantly expanding


The competence of our globally active and interdisciplinary team of experts is based on decades of experience in the following areas: