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strategic support

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We strategically support organizations and individuals in preventing and reacting to fraudulent behaviour, non-compliance, white-collar and cybercrime.

Specialised in investigating economic crime, non-compliance and fraud and  focusing on safeguarding the actionability and reputation of aggrieved parties.

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we work
in our fields of expertise - only

Whatever the challenge is you face – we use our experience, access our network and have the ability to immediately react to support you in any case of non-compliance, white-collar and cyber crime as well as the challenges around human behaviour and leadership.


In order to remain able to act at any time, you need tools and structures that make risks visible to you, reveal consequences and make them easier to deal with.


You suspect or already know that irregularities can occur, or see a potential crisis or event coming. Professional structures & tools in place allow detecting irregularities.


Responding to an incident needs clarity and facts regarding patterns, modus operandi and leads to the strategy for implementing key learnings for the future.


We know from experience that specific education in form of interdisciplinary training is the key element of effective incident and crisis management.

we Act behind the Scenes - strategically

serving our clients

We strategically support you, your team and your organizations.

This means that – no matter how much professional input you require from our side – we support you to ensure that your decisions can be done on a professional, reflected basis.  Structures and tools will therefore be implemented.

Our approach is to empower your team by guidance, best practice experience, know-how and expertise to conduct the steps during the process of your actual case of fraud or non-compliance.

We directly work with the Board of Directors and/or Executive Leadership team of an organization or with the Supervising Authorities.

Strategic Forensic Consulting

We are uniquely positioned to offer strategic forensic consulting services enhanced by our expertise on all hierarchy levels and global in-house and advisor perspectives.

Fraud Examination

Combining investigatory, accounting, behavioural and IT-forensic technology expertise to identify, acquire and review relevant facts allows further decisions by the aggrieved parties.

Fraud Risk Management

Strategic Risk Management includes the potential of Fraud, Cyberattacks and Non-Compliance from the very begining of a well established Corporate Framework.

Compliance Management

A well designed, business oriented Compliance Management system allows organizations to strengthen their competitive advantage.

Investigative Interviews

Hiring personalities for key roles within an organisation requires specific tools to identifiy individual aspects of behaviour and integrity. Same during investigation.

Corporate Development

With our specific program of CORPORATE INTEGRITY CONCEPTS™ we train, coach and educate individuals and teams.

we Are strategically protect your assets


No matter at what maturity level your organizations is in regard to Corporate Integrity, Governance, Risk, Compliance and Audit – we are looking forward to serve.

With an approach which best fits to your organization and needs.



We adhere to the code of ethics as well as the strict requirements and guidelines for training and further development of EXPERTsuisse,
the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners,
the International Coach Federation and the Swiss Chamber of Business Mediation.

In addition, we continually undergo training in our special areas.



We bring together the relevant topics from the areas of strategy, finance, risk, communication and leadership, because we are convinced that only an integrated view leads to success.

When it gets critical, you need a task force. – That is when our clients reach out to us!

Throughout the entire lifecycle of delicate situations.



Your are in a crisis situation – for us, it is daily business.

This allows you to profit from our practicall experience in different organizations and industries.

As all our clients trust and appreciate our promise of discrection, we are not providing company or individual names.

You will find a lot of anonymous use cases and recent projects on our website and we share our knowledge of best practise.

Selection of our diverse areas of activity


Board of Directors

Corporate Oversight
Accompanying several exposed board of directors during their risk assessment process and relevant development measurements to achieve the next maturity level.

Task Force

Crisis Management due to non-compliance
Supporting an internationally active corporate group as a task force within the strategic group of crisis management to identify the facts, supporting the victims and developing the strategic communication plan.

Forensic Investigation

Interdisciplinary team
Internal investigations with interdisciplinary expertise including fact finding reporting as an external project lead for an international group with over 50,000 employees.

Strategic Fraud Management

Risk Management
Analysis, design and implementation of new leadership instruments at management level following a reorganisation. From a purely financial project to an interdisciplinary change project to protect the companies asset.

Corporate Compliance

Regulatory requirements
Continual performing of background checks in the areas of procurement, HR and Know Your Customer (KYC) for clients to meet the international and national standards.

Due Diligence

Risk assessment
Accompanying company transactions from a risk-focused and financial perspective providing an independant opinion underlying the decision making and negotiation process.

Incident management

Review and stress test of their crisis unit (multinational group in the producing industry), reflecting weaknesses and remediation of taking measurement actions.

Fraud & Non-Compliance Sensitisation

Internal training courses on sensitisation, as well as training and further development in the area of investigation and interview techniques. Focusing on the creative potential by teaching how to "think like a fraudster" to identify red flags and risks.

Interview process

Strategic Involvement in the recruitement process of key personell (Board of Directors, Executive Management, IT, Security and Audit) as external expert establishing additional criterias and information for the responsible decision maker.